The Impact Of Liquidity And Restrictions On Deposit Interest

January 14th, 2015 by No comments »
Mid-2014 is a very interesting drama going on to Indonesia’s economy. The longer the rupiah weakened with a price range above IDR 12,000 fare per dollar. The existence of restrictions on deposit interest by the financial services authority (OJK) some 2 billion with a maximum value of 200 to 225 basis points above the benchmark interest rate of bank Indonesia. The existence of restrictions on interest rates to dampen interest-rate war conducted by each bank for the interest of investors to infuse the bank with the money have the highest deposit interest rates.

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Know And Understand About Credit And Financing Application

December 30th, 2014 by No comments »
Often we find a person or business entity that offer credit, but we don’t understand what they mean and what they mean for credit financing. We often take repayments or owe money through the service of the people’s. understand us about the process of credit and credit agreement in often utilized by certain persons for a profit.

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The Importance of Entrepreneurs Have Deposits Demand Deposit

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As entrepreneurs typically spend a lot of money to do multiple transactions in a day. not just millions of even tens of millions of dollars, or hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for any good deals to the seller of the goods, and services. In the era of globalization is indeed a lot of ease of financial transactions that we get well through ATM, SMS banking, or internet banking, but the service is not able to disburse large sums of money let alone many times, other than in the form of transfer or the transfer of the value of money in the account book is concerned. Moreover, in the form of cash transactions such as internet banking, SMS banking and ATM limited nominal money.  If the son as a businessman took out large amounts of money what more in cash. Entrepreneurs can make deposits in the form of current account deposits.